Teacher Training

the Trinity CertTESOL Course in Almaty

10 June — Blended Mode.
15 July — Full-time mode.


For the first time in Central Asia:
the Trinity CertTESOL Course
(Internationally accredited level 5 qualification in TESOL)
135 hours, including live Teaching Practice
Recognised worldwide
Provided by «Language Point Teacher Training Provider»
and delivered through «Lanto Education Language School»

Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Full-time mode (4 weeks)

With a course duration of 135 Guided Learning Hours, this prestigious qualification in TESOL is accredited at level 5 on the UK OFQUAL Registered Qualification Framework, meaning it is globally accepted as a mark of teaching quality.
Course includes input on teaching methodologies, grammar, vocabulary and
phonology awareness for language teachers, guidance on assessments and over 6
hours of face-to-face observed teaching practice per trainee.
9am — 5pm, Monday to Friday plus one Saturday following week 4 for assessment.
Course delivered at participants’ place of work, or at a participant centre.

NEW! Blended Mode (2 weeks online + 3 weeks face-to-face)

The blended course mode gives teachers the opportunity to complete this
qualification in only 3 weeks of face-to-face study. The 2-week online phase
prepares trainees in basic language awareness and knowledge of key
methodologies for success on the practical face-to-face component.
Online Phase: 30 hours of online reading, video and online submission tasks
held over 2 weeks.
Face-to-face Phase: 9am — 5pm, Monday to Friday plus one Saturday for final


Trinity CertTESOL Course Content

Unit 1: Teaching Skills, including input covering:
TESOL approaches, methods and techniques
Lesson structures and objectives
Lesson Planning and stating clear aims
Supervised lesson planning support
Assessed through: 6 hours of observed teaching practice and reflective feedback,
evidenced through the collected Teaching Practice Portfolio
4 hours of Guided Observation of experienced TESOL teachers,
summarised in the Guided Observation Journal assignment
Unit 2: Language Awareness and Skills, including input covering:
Grammar (word class, syntax and functions)
Vocabulary teaching and learning
Phonology, the International Phonemic Alphabet and pronunciation teaching
Suprasegmental features of phonology (stress, intonation and connected speech)
Assessed through: 90-minute final language awareness exam
Unit 3: Learner Profile
An extended assignment summarising a process of needs analysis, language
analysis and targeted instruction held with one language learner
Assessed through: A 5000-word written assignment
Unit 4: Materials Assignment (External assessment)
A short assignment giving a rationale for the design of a piece of teaching material, and
an evaluation of its effectiveness when used in teaching practice lesson
Assessed through: One piece of self-designed teaching material
A 500-word written rationale and evaluation of the material
A face-to-face presentation of the material to a Trinity College
Unit 5: Unknown Language
4 hours of participation in lessons held in a language unfamiliar to all course
participants, followed by post-lesson reflection sessions
Assessed through: Summaries of teaching and learning activity presented in the
Unknown Language Journal


The Trinity Cert TESOL and the Cambridge CELTA are the only two TEFL qualifications that are widely recognised by reputable language schools worldwide. Any course that doesn’t lead to one of these is not recognised and has no validity, including all other TEFL courses. Both the CertTESOL and the CELTA are ranked at level 5 of the UK RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) by the UK QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority), meaning that they have equal status. No other initial TEFL courses are ranked on the NQF.

The most common question we get asked by applicants is «What’s the difference between the Trinity CertTESOL and the Cambridge CELTA?»

Here is a direct comparison:


Trinity CertTESOL Cambridge CELTA
Who validates it? Trinity College London, the oldest language board in the world Cambridge ESOL, part of the examinations board of the University of Cambridge
NQF Level 5 5
What’s the minimum course length? 130 hours 120 hours
How many hours of teaching do trainees have to do? 6 6
How many weeks does it take? A minimum of 4 (on the intensive course) A minimum of 4 (on the intensive course)
Who is eligible to enrol? To be eligible you should:
• be aged 18 or over
• have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education
• competence in written and spoken English appropriate to a teacher of English, whether English is applicants’ first, second or foreign language
To be eligible you should:
• be aged 20 or over (a few centres accept candidates 18 or over)
• have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education
• have a standard of English which will enable you to teach at a range of levels
Do applicants need to be native speakers? No. Trinity accept a minimum standard of Cambridge ESOL Advanced Pass or IELTS 7.0 in all 4 papers. No. The level of English required is decided by course providers, but is usually a minimum of Cambridge ESOL Advanced pass or IELTS 7.0. in all 4 papers.
What are the units of learning included on the course? Unit 1: Teaching skills
Unit 2: Language Awareness
Unit 3: The Learner Profile
Unit 4: The Materials Assignment
Unit 5: Unknown Language
Unit 1: Learners and teachers and the teaching and learning context
Unit 2: Language analysis and awareness
Unit 3: Language skills
Unit 4: Planning and resources for different contexts
Unit 5: Developing teaching skills and professionalism

Course Dates & Prices in 2019:

Date Address Format Application
15.07.19 32, Dostyk ave, Almaty. Full-time mode (4 weeks) 12.06.19 540 000 kzt.
(440 000 kzt)*.
10.06.19 32, Dostyk ave, Almaty. Blended Mode
(2 weeks online + 3 weeks
06.05.19 540 000 kzt.
(440 000 kzt)**.

* Early Bird offer, if you apply until 08 April 2019 — 440 000 kzt.
** Early Bird offer, if you apply until 11 March 2019 — 440 000 kzt.

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