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In-company training

Language proficiency has become an essential element of company training programmes. Excellent language training is about equipping people to carry out their work tasks more effectively and thus achieve better results.

Lanto Education is a private language school was founded in February 2004. From the beginning we were totally committed to providing, the very best, professional and effective English language training, and this commitment to total quality is what has earned us the considerable success and reputation we have Today. Lanto Education is one of the most respected language schools in Almaty with a passion for professionalism and excellence at the core of our being.

Our Courses
All our “In-company” training courses are designed to deliver a bespoke solution to your specific training needs, schedules, and budget. — General and business language training Our “General and business language” training focuses on presentations, reports, meetings, negotiations and every day communication – business and social. — Industry-specific language training Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Hospitality, Law, Marketing & Advertising, Medicine, Aviation. — IELTS preparation courses

If your company has any specific training requirements, please contact us to discuss the details of how we can design and deliver a bespoke programme tailored to your specific needs.

At Lanto Education we teach through the communicative method with particular emphasis placed on enabling our students to communicate proficiently and effectively in English. All our courses are designed in such a way that every student uses English right from the very beginning, no matter what his or her present level of language competence is. And it is mostly through communication that the student’s level of language competence grows. Our practical teaching approach ensures fast progress; Students quickly becoming confident in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

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Study options

(for Business English/ General English)

Group Courses:

Our group courses are for no more than eight people. These courses will help you to improve English language skills in the core areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing, with an emphasis on improving your fluency and building confidence when speaking English. Lessons are intensive and task based; typical activities may include roles plays, pair work with a fellow student and class discussions based on texts.They are very focused and tailored to the needs of everyone in the group. You can learn the business English language you need for your job, or you can choose a General English Course to improve your English language skills for private and public life. For our corporate clients we offer specially designed Business English Classes closed company groups which take the specific needs of your company, sector and work into consideration. Just tell us when, where and how you would like your English course.

One-to-one Courses:

One-to-one Business English/General English Course is more intensive and can help you make faster progress. If you need to learn highly specialized language, you can have one-to-one specialist tuition for your particular industry. For example, medical English, or English for oil and gas industries.

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