Раушан Мадиярова.

Выпускница Университета Международного Бизнеса «UIB»

I would like to say thanks to all staff of Lanto education. One should note here that an atmosphere is favorable and teachers are very qualified.
I prepared to IELTS test for 2.5 months with Loriann and Ada. As for an educational process, at the beginning it was difficult to be in time  with  a huge amount of homework, nevertheless I could gather. Now I know how it was important to achieve my target. In other words, my tutors taught me to listen, read, write and speak correctly. Also I understood that to get treasured points it is necessary very strongly to want to hand over it. I consider that my teachers made impossible for such a short period of time, they helped me to improve my skills. They did not only prepare me for the exam, but also supported me during lessons, set up to test. Vital pieces of advice of Loriann helped me. I want to thank her for patience and efforts, which she involved  into program to help me and knowledge, which Loriann gave me.  In addition, I want to say that her thoughts and ideas helped me  to broaden my horizons. I wouldn’t have been able to receive 6.5( reading and writing) without her lessons. Also I would like to say my thanks to Ada, who taught me to be more attentive and to pay attention to more important things. As far as I am concerned I couldn’t have done it without my teachers and Lanto.  For receipt in Pre-Master degree I needed to get (5.5. ). I gathered even more than it was necessary, my overall band is (6.0).
I would like to say that Lanto education helped me  to come nearer to my purpose.