Динара Кажмуратова

Менеджер архитектурно-проектной компании «Артетра»

The time that I spent in Lanto Education was very useful and helpful for my English. At first I just tried to maintain the level of English I was at. But, through the attendance of every class and help of the teachers, I was able to improve a lot. My favorite part remained speaking, so I really enjoyed the interesting conversations we had on various topics. Through such discussions I learned how to clearly deliver my opinion using a rich vocabulary. After seeing such results, my whole family joined classes at Lanto as well. I am very thankful to Lanto Education for their help and support!

Even if I had only one-month preparation for TOEFL, after passing the actual exam I was satisfied with my results. With the hard work and discipline it is possible to achieve high results!